Bringing traditional beliefs of the past into the future  

Request To whom it may concern,

Dancing Little Feathers is a legally registered non-profit corporation in the State of Colorado.  We rely on small grants and private funding to offer this service to the Native American Community.  We respectfully request a donation from your organization to help provide materials, support, programming, social functions, and scholoarships.

Dancing Little Feathers is in it 6th year of providing a place for various tribal members who live in the Denver and surrounding areas to gather to teach their at-risk youth, family members and those in need of guidance their traditional dances and culture.  We meet at the North Presbyterian Church at 37th & Federal Blvd in Denver on Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm.

"Denver All Nations" drum group volunteer their time each week providing us with music for our dance classes, pow-wow practive and pleasure.  We would like to be able to offer them funds for travel expenses.  Without them it would be difficult for our classes to proceed.

Part of our program includes a "Potluck" dinner shared by the group toward the end of the evening. This time is used to discuss social issues and information.  Through the evening our workshops are available to those who wish to particpate.  Stories are shared and meanings behind legends are brought to life through pow-wow practices.  It is our hope to present a Dancing Little Feathers Pow-wow where the children will be introduced to the Sacred Circle for the first time and receive their eagle feathers.

Each week our members sign in, at this time we have 70 members who participate regularly.

To donate please contact us:



Past donations include: Materials, beads, leather, food, bus tokens, school supplies, clothing, gifts and of course Money.

We also apply for grants and scholarship funding.